Lenormand - Alternative divination system to tarot dating back to the late 1800s. Lenormand cards' meanings are more specific so they may be better at dealing with simple, everyday concerns. Lenormand cards are usually smaller and the decks consist of fewer cards (usually 36), so they’re travel-friendly and easier to carry around.

Lenormand cards (36)

Les Cartes Mystiques Lenormand French edition AGM


Lenormand Blue Owl Premium Edition Cards AGM


Lenormand Mistico Cards In Spanish AGM


Malefique Lenormand Cards US Games Systems


La Santa Muerte Lenormand Tarot cards Schiffer Publishing


The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle Cards Watkins Publishing


Steampunk Lenormand Oracle cards Lo Scarabeo


Tarot Lenormand Cards Lo Scarabeo


Blue Owl Tarot Cards AGM


Pixie Astounding Lenormand cards in a tin


Dreaming Way Lenormand US Games Systems


Red Owl Tarot Cards AGM