Welcome to CardsHouse - home to some of the world’s finest cards!

Launched in 2012, we are now proud to call ourselves one the largest distributors in the cards sector in Europe offering thousands of different decks of cards under one roof. From most popular cards brands like US Games Systems, Lo Scarabeo, Bicycle, Fournier, AGM, Copag and other. Here at the CardsHouse, we have a wide range of high-quality playing cards, tarot, oracle, lenormand, different kinds of spiritual & inspirational cards, and a variety of esoteric accessories. We also offer a wide range of polyhedral dice & dice accessories for role-playing games (RPG) and board games.
Here at CardsHouse, we have big ambitions. Our main goal is to become your #1 supplier of cards and make the purchase experience an easy and enjoyable one. We aim for continuous process improvement and adaptation to constantly changing market conditions. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service that is matched with a high variety selection of stock, delivering to customers worldwide.
So please, be our guest at www.CardsHouse.eu & explore the variety!
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Vykintas Urniezius
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VAT code: LT100008963315
Registration address: J. Biliuno street. 58, Kaunas, LT-46438