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Inner Child Cards Bear and Company

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Inner Child Cards bring charming, fairy-tale images to the age-old tradition of the tarot. Authors and professional astrologers Isha and Mark Lerner intended to offer a fresh, innocent perspective on tarot readings while also staying grounded in recognizable archetypes. And what better way to tap into our true spirit than to recall the soul-inspiring stories of childhood? "Fairy stories, told and retold, enrich the depths of our hearts from which our hopes and ideals are born," the authors explain. "No other literary creation has such a fundamental effect upon us than has the fairy tale." Indeed, Little Red Riding Cap with her basket of goodies and her outstretched finger holding a butterfly speaks eloquently to the fragile process of individuation. The Rapunzel card with its maiden's long braid (which is eventually shorn by the evil enchantress) and the blind prince speaks to challenging times when we are cut loose from the strands of our past and must go forward in blind faith. All of the cards are lovely, with their rich images and rainbow borders. But it is the excellent accompanying text that offers readers the most enchanting journey into the past as they make meaning out of the present.

  • Included: 78 tarot cards.
  • Box size: 24 x 16 cm (9.44 x 6.2"). Weight of the deck: 1014 g. (approx).
  • Includes 320 page booklet (in English).
  • Plastic coated paper playing cards.
  • New, sealed. Made in China.
  • 100% authentic, original Bear & Company product.

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