Natural Botanical Masala Incense - Myrrh Namaste India
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Natural Botanical Masala Incense - Myrrh Namaste India

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Natural Botanical Masala Incense Sticks in the timeless scent of Myrrh, an aroma that beckons serenity and spiritual connection. Artisans in India have lovingly crafted these incense sticks to offer a pure, clean, and cruelty-free aromatic experience. Infused with natural herbs and botanicals, they ensure a consistent and captivating fragrance with a residue-free burn. Myrrh carries an earthy essence that is warm, resinous, and subtly sweet. Cherished for centuries, Myrrh is renowned for its ability to evoke a sense of serenity and deepen spiritual connections. Perfect for meditation and relaxation, it offers a soothing and grounding experience.

  • Contents: approx. 11 incense sticks.
  • Dimensions: a stick is approx. 20 cm long.
  • Burn time (of one stick): approx 2 hours.
  • Origin: Made in India.
  • New, original Namaste India product.

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