The Book Of Doors Divination Cards Destiny Books
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The Book Of Doors Divination Cards Destiny Books

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This illustrated, 256-page book and deck of 65 cards represent an entirely new way of gaining intuitive wisdom and understanding of self--through contact with ancient Egyptian archetypes. This entirely new divination system accesses the ancient knowledge of Egypt, enabling you to unlock your intuitive abilities and call upon the energy of the Egyptian deities, whose powers transform both matter and spirit.  

  • Included: 65 cards, 256 pp. book.
  • Box size: 16.1 x 24.1 cm (6.34" x 9.49").
  • Weight of the deck: 751 g. (1.65 lbs.) (approx).
  • Instructions are in English.
  • Plastic coated paper cards.
  • New, sealed. Printed in China.
  • 100% authentic, original Destiny Books product.

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