The Celtic Tree Oracle Cards Welbeck Publishing
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The Celtic Tree Oracle Cards Welbeck Publishing

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Within this unique kit lies the secret language of the Celts. To lift the lid is to discover an ancient method of communication and a means of divination. In the Celtic Ogham, also known as the tree alphabet, each letter embodies the spirit of a tree or plant, here represented on a richly decorated card. Whatever your question, doubt or worry, the 2,000-year-old wisdom of the Celtic tree oracle provides remarkable guidance and insight for today's hectic world.

  • Included: 25 cards, a book, record sheet and pad.
  • Box size: 14.4 x 19.7 cm (5.67'' x 7.76'') (approx). 
  • Weight of the deck: 529 g. (1.17 lbs.) (approx).
  • Instructions are in English.
  • Plastic coated paper cards.
  • New, sealed. Printed in China.
  • 100% authentic, original Welbeck Publishing product.

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